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Lemon Cucumber Seeds | Crystal Lemon

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Seeds of lemon cucumber are elementary to grow. Seeds should be sown in individual 9cm pots under glass at a constant temperature of 21°C between April and May. The seed should be sown on the edges to prevent rotting. Plant seedlings into 15cm pots as soon as they form three sets of true leaves. When the plants are about 10cm tall, plant out outdoors once hardened off and all risk of frost has passed. The plants should grow up against netting or trail along the ground. Alternatively, they can be planted under glass, into large pots, or into grow bags. Make sure the stems are tied in and provide some form of support.


Water your plants regularly to achieve the best results. To keep the soil cool, apply a thin layer of mulch to lemon cucumber plants, but don't mulch before the soil has warmed. Limit mulch to 3 inches, especially if slugs are a problem. Aphids and spider mites, which can be easily controlled with an insecticidal soap spray, are common pests to watch out for. Handpick squash beetles if they appear. Do not use pesticides, which kill beneficial insects that help keep pests at bay.


It is most common to use lemon cucumbers raw, although they may also be pickled. Sliced in fresh green salads, tofu salads, zucchini, and pea salads, or sliced and served with basil pesto, they can be used in various ways. Lemon cucumbers can also be juiced and used in cocktails, agua frescas, and smoothies. This cucumber doesn't have a citrus taste, only a yellow color, and has a thin, tender skin and a milder flavor than a regular cucumber. The advantage of this is that you can eat it all at once without storing half of it in the fridge.

Note: Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.


  • Common Name: Lemon cucumber
  • Soil pH: Mildly acidic to neutral
  • Bloom Time: Midsummer to late summer and early fall
  • Flower Color: Bright yellow
  • Hardiness Zones: 2-10, USDA (annual)
  • Harvest Time: 60-70 days
  • Kingdom: Plantae 
  • Scientific name: Cucumis sativus 'Lemon'
  • Higher classification: Cucumber
  • Rank: Cultivar
  • Use: Eat Raw or Cooked

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