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Garden Paradise Seeds

Herb Seeds

The flavor of fresh herbs will enhance any recipe and they are a great addition to soups, stews, and salads. It doesn't matter if you want to grow a kitchen herb garden for a hobby, to save money, or just to enjoy healthier eating, there are plenty of herbs you can grow in your backyard, on your patio, or even on your windowsill. In this collection, you will find popular and easy-to-grow herb seeds you want to plant in your garden. There's no need to worry whether you're planting or harvesting. It's all there for you.

Herb Basil Classic Italian Seeds


Herb Marigold Seeds | Calendula officinalis


Herb Agastache Rugosa Seeds


Herb Rue Ruta Graveolens Seeds


Herb Rosemary Seeds


Herb Coriander Seeds


Herb Anise Seeds


Herb - Big Leaf Coriander Seeds


Herb Greek Oregano Seeds


Herb Green Mint Seeds


Herb - Pennyroyal Seeds


Herb Basil Gustosa Seeds


Herb Lemon Basil Seeds


Herb Strawberry Sticks Seeds


Herb Sage Painted Seeds


Herb Balm Lemon Seeds | Melissa officinalis