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Garden Paradise Seeds

Rare Exotic Seeds

Adding something exotic to your garden will make it unique! It is unlikely that fruits or vegetables from your country will have the same visual impact as those from abroad. Nonetheless, the most unknown one will help you strike up a conversation with your visitors. Choose your favorite from the many you will find here in this Exotic Seeds Collection. Whether it is planting or harvesting you needn't worry about, we have got you covered.

White Dragon fruit Seeds - Pitaya Seeds

R$ 12,90 

Red Dragon fruit Seeds - Pitaya

R$ 13,44 

Yellow Dragon fruit Seeds | Pitaya Dragonfruit

R$ 14,51 

Tamarillo Seeds | Tree Tomato Fruit

R$ 12,36 

Kiwano Fruit Seeds | Cucumis Metuliferus

R$ 17,21 

Yellow Passion Fruit Seeds

R$ 12,90 

Nasturtium Seeds | Tropaeolum Majus

R$ 12,90 

Banana Passionfruit Seeds | Taxo Curuba - Passiflora tarminiana

R$ 17,21 

F1 720 Red Taiwan Papaya Seeds

R$ 13,97 

watch_later Sold Out

Mini-Kiwi Berry Seeds | Actinidia arguta

R$ 12,36 

Soursop Seeds Annona muricata | Guanabana

R$ 19,91