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Garden Paradise Seeds

Newly Seeds

We, at Garden Paradise Seeds, are always on the lookout for the best seeds of plants that are popular, exotic, and unknown. In that case, we have just arrived with our new seeds collection, so you can select the one you missed last time. Hopefully, you will be pleased with our new selections. Our services cover all aspects of planting, sowing and harvesting, so you won't need to worry about anything.

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Purple Cauliflower Seeds


Purple Roman Lettuce Seeds


Tomato Seeds | Solanum Lycopersicum


Purple Kohl Rabi Seeds


Purple Turnip Seeds


Sweet Mustard Seeds


Aubergine Purple Seeds | Eggplant


Italian Lettuce Seeds


Sweet Red Bell Pepper Seeds


Florence Fennel Seeds


F1 Yellow Swiss Chard Seeds | Mangold Seeds


Jalapeno Seeds | Chili Pepper


Mix Colorful Bell Pepper Seeds


Small Leaf Rocket Arugula Seeds


Soursop Seeds Annona muricata | Guanabana